Adam in Flight

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I did a shoot a little while ago with 2 other photographers Benjamin Von Wong and Renee Robyn at my parent’s historic 10,000 sq.ft. studio in Welland Ontario.  The 3 of us split up and took turns shooting different models with amazing clothing line by Wendy Ng.  I had a few minutes to shoot Adam downstairs in a dark studio.  I shot most of the images with the camera picture control set to black and white.  I loved the hand painted background.  Adam did some fantastic jumps and I was able to freeze the action with my Broncolor studio lights with soft boxes on either side of the subject. The detail on these with my Nikon D800E is outstanding.  Roll over each image to see the exposure info.


Photographer: Kristian Bogner

Model: Adam Joshua Norrad

Makeup Artist: Shawna Downing

Hair: Faye Crasto

Designer: DYSTROPOLIS by Wendy Ng


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