Capturing E-MOTION

  • Ashleigh McIvor - Ski Cross
  • Kim Yuna - Figure Skating
  • Joannie Rochette - Figure Skating
  • Scott and Tessa - Pairs Skating
  • Sidney Crosby - After the Golden Goal
  • Alex Bilodeau - Mogul Skiing
  • Hamelin Brothers - Short Track Speed Skating
  • Jon Montgomery - Luge
  • Shaun White - Halfpipe
  • Chris Le Bihan - Bobsled
  • Comparing Medals

Here are some of my favourite Olympic reaction shots where I captured the E-MOTION or “Energy In Motion” of  the moment through photography.

When you look at these images, how do they make you feel?

Photography is an incredible art form in that it records the energy of the moment.  Thats why when we look at a photograph we can feel some of that energy.  We can relate to the subject and their experience.

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