Get Creative: Think Outside the Box

  • Skating Multiple Exposure
  • Halfpipe
  • Speed Skating
  • Speed Skating

Shooting the Olympics or any action sporting event can be intense, but settle in and take the time to get creative.  Always be thinking of ways to capture the subject in a “different,” artistic or illustrative way.  In my feature image above I used the multiple exposure feature on my Nikon to create an interesting effect.  Using a tighter than normal crop with negative space, leading lines or using a lens like a fisheye to create a different perspective are all ways that I have mindfully expanded my photographic toolbox.   Other cools effects can be created by slowing down your shutter speed and creating movement, trying a pan shot or zooming your lens while shooting.  Practice some of these effects when the athletes are doing their training runs so you can get really creative during the big race with confidence.

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