High Speed Flash Sync

High Speed Flash Sync

One of my favourite tech advances in recent years is high speed flash sync for my DSLR.  I use it in freezing the action, like this martini glass water splash image where I am syncing to my Broncolor flash at 1/8000sec on my Nikon D5 or where I am using my Nikon SB-5000 or Broncolor Move 1200 to give me some directional light on an athlete or fashion shoot outdoors and overpower the sunlight by adjusting my sync speed.

Radio technology in the flashes and triggers now allow you to shoot wirelessly at long distances, sync at very high speeds and offer many additional creative features.  Most high speed triggers even allow you to control your external flash from the on-camera trigger so that you can work substantially faster in the field.

For me personally, here are a few of my favourite high speed sync products that I use every day:  Nikon’s new SB-5000 flash with WR-A10 remote and either the Nikon D5 camera or D500 camera.  With this setup I can control multiple SB-5000 flashes right from my in-camera menu and sync to my camera at up to 1/8000sec.  It works flawlessly and it has opened up a world of portable possibilities.

The other new product that I am blown away with is Broncolor’s new RFS 2.2 Transceiver.  I just had to pop this on any of my Nikon Camera’s hot shoes and turn it on and it syncs both my Broncolor Move and Scoro S all the way up to 1/8000sec as well.  I can also use both the Broncolor and Nikon high speed syncs simultaneously for lots of creative power.

I will be demonstrating both of these setups at my photographic rockstar courses coming up in Toronto and Canmore.

You can also read more about High Speed Sync in my Photo News Article for Spring 2017.

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