My Best Friend’s Wedding

My Best Friend’s Wedding


This fall I had the Honour of Best Man and MC at my Best Buddy Dave’s Wedding.  He hired another photographer so I could enjoy the day and be there for him in a different way than I am used to at a wedding.  The photographer did a really good job, but I was still itching to capture at least one special image from the day and drooling over the amazing location in Banff and the warm setting light.  After the ceremony as people filtered to the reception, I was able to steal 5 mins and get a few amazing shots, for ME and for them.  I am sooo glad I did!!

The moral of this story is to Beg, Steal, Ask, Go Get or do Whatever it takes to get the shot your heart desires.  Even and Especially if there doesn’t seem to be time.   Creating time is sometimes harder than creating the shot itself.  In my opinion the effort is ALWAYS worth it.


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