Shooting Waves of Ice with my Nikon D750

Today the sun was shining on a cold afternoon in Canmore.  I grabbed my Nikon D750 and 70-200mm lens and went on a short nature hike.  I came across a frozen river and here are a few of my shots.  Its amazing, whenever I take the time to connect with nature, it’s beauty reveals itself to the lens!  Something as simple as ice and snowflakes can make a wonderful subject.   I love the D750 for nature walks and shoots like this, its nimble, lightweight, has super clean ISO along with tons of detail.

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  1. Dale Watkins

    Love your photography Kristian! I picked up an old 2012 ‘Photo News’ magazine, and saw some of your images, and you truly have a knack for getting the best out of your images! Being new to Photography, but owning a D750 I thought I’d enjoy my new photography passion and get on with finding the composition to bring out the best of what I see.

    Thanks for your inspiring website…such a great learning tool for many of us!

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