The Spirit of the Olympics: A Journey Through The Lens

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  • The Spirit of the Olympics: A Journey Through The Lens
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The Olympics have always been a very special time for me and I have captured some incredible Winter Olympic moments over the years.  With the Olympics happening right now in Sochi I thought that I would honour the Spirit of the Olympics and Our Canadian Athletes by sharing an Olympic Moment, Photo, Story, Tip or Video from my past Olympic experiences for each day of the Sochi Winter Olympics (Feb. 7, 2014 – Feb. 23, 2014).


I am calling this series of posts “The Spirit of the Olympics: A Journey Through The Lens” and I hope to add to the inspirational spirit of the Olympics by sharing with you some of my most amazing Olympic moments through the perspective of my Nikon lens.  Photography captures the energy of the moment and I hope that you can feel some of the energy from the images I will share with you over the next few weeks.

Vancouver 2010 Closing Ceremonies

I thought I would begin this journey with some of the images I captured at the Vancouver 2010 Closing Ceremonies which tell the story of the passing of the torch from Vancouver to Sochi.


I would love to hear your comments  or if you have any of your own Olympic moments to share on Twitter or Facebook.  Enjoy!!

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