Join Kristian as he shares some of his most engaging expedition photography. This remarkable collection takes us on a journey from child soldiers in Africa to ancient Yogi caves near the Himalayas to distant mountain villages in Papua New Guinea and beyond. Kristian will expose for you the unique, quickly vanishing cultures and natural magnificence of places that have rarely been captured. Beyond the Photographic Expedition with Kristian Bogner was recorded entirely with the Nikon D5100 and D7000 cameras at the Drake Hotel in Toronto and this event was presented by Nikon as part of the 2011 Contact Festival.

Multi-award winning photographer Kristian Bogner wins top Canadian Photographic Award - “Commercial Photographer of the Year for Canada” for the 3rd time. The awards took place at the Professional Photographers of Canada Association’s image competition and conference in Halifax.  Kristian was presented the award by PPOC Chair, Ken Frazer, Nikon Canada's Amanda Mohammed and PPOC Image Salon Chair, Brian Lee.

Kristian also won two awards of Merit and one of his images was selected for the PPOC loan collection to travel across Canada. Earlier this year Kristian also received the Alberta Commercial Photographer of the Year Award for the 4th time.

It was an incredible honour to receive this award for the 3rd time.  I believe it is a reflection of the incredible passion I have for my work and creating images that inspire others.  People sometimes tell me I'm half photographer and half human.  😉 Well, Photography really is a huge part of me and to be recognized for that feels wonderful.   When I went up to receive the award I said a few words and spoke of allowing my photography to flow from the child within me that has no creative boundaries.  I received a standing ovation from my photographic peers and friends in attendance.  It really was a magical night that I will never forget.


This year's award was extra special for me because it was sponsored and presented by Nikon Canada and it felt like a real team win for me.  I am a Nikon shooter, tester and ambassador and the timing of this award couldn't be more perfect.  Nikon has just released two amazing new cameras .. the D800 and D4.  I have been fortunate enough to shoot with both and the capabilities are simply groundbreaking.  I have been working with Nikon on some exciting projects and am thrilled to share the award with them.   I am also speaking for Nikon at the Contact festival in Toronto on May 16th. The Contact festival is one of the largest photography festivals in the world.


A Huge thank you to all of my friends, family and peers... your support and encouragement has been so incredible!!!  You all inspire me take it to the limit whenever I have a camera in my hands!



Mountain Nomad

I am very fortunate to have a great friend and mentor which is an Indian Major General.  He has an incredible eye for photography himself and had taken me on several  life changing expeditions. This image was captured last fall along the silk route near Pangong Tso, Ladakh, way up over 16,000ft where these nomads live.  I watched this old woman milking the goats and go into her tent. I had my girlfriend (aka 'light holder of the year') hold my SB-900 Nikon flash with a small soft box near her and see if she could get the woman's attention while I shot this image from afar with a 70-200mm lens triggering the flash with a Pocket Wizard to capture the true unposed essence of this incredible study.  Notice prayer beads in her weathered hands amongst all of the other textures in the frame.


Coca-Cola Proud

We had just had the amazing experience to privately watch and shoot the sun rise on the Taj Mahal.  Afterwards we stopped outside of the gates for a cup of Chai Tea.  I looked over and saw this boy who was manning the store for what seemed to be his family.  He was also watching me with all of my Nikon gear and stood as a proud young entrepreneur in front of "his" store.  I was moved by the colours and illustrative nature of this frame and took several images to get the best expression I could.  Finally he stared right at me and I got this amazing image.  Persistence usually pays off and here is an instance where it did!

Peace Stupa by Starlight

I find there is always a reward to following your heart no matter what the opposition.  It was my last night in Leh, Ladakh and it happened to be a full moon.  We all had an early morning but I envisioned this shot and wanted to go up to the Peace Stupa and shoot it.  I was strongly discouraged because of safety, but I went anyway.  I had the most incredible experience up there by myself, took some time to absorb the beauty and spirituality of the place and then set forth to capture it's energy to share with others.  I decided to use my new super sharp and fast Nikon 24mm 1.4 lens and pulled out my very bright headlamp torch to do some painting with light.  I exposed for the starlight for 30 seconds and the full moon light nicely filled in and softened the artificial light sources abound while I ran around in the 30 seconds and illuminated with my headlamp.


Racing the Giant

We were in Maui on a very windy day and were told by some surfers that it was possible that the legendary JAWS may be big enough to surf and some world class surfers were on the alert.  Finding Jaws was a feat in itself and took some off road driving and a steep walk down a slippery slope but it was an incredible sight.  While it wasn't quite big enough to surf, because it needs to be big enough to carry the surfers over the reef, I was able to capture some incredible images of over 40 foot waves.  Down the shore from the site of Jaws I captured this extreme surfer racing this gigantic wave.  A great sports image captures the peak of the action and and I was able to capture just that before the wave overtook this surfer.




I finished shooting for Nikon Canada last week, somewhere remote in the Rocky Mountains, with Nikon’s Amanda, Mark, Chris, and Greg, along with Kirk Neff, award winning cinematographer from Global TV.

Kirk and I were both shooting with the new and absolutely incredible 36 megapixel, 1080p 30fps, Nikon D800 cameras.   We were both super stoked and fed off each other’s creative energy while pushing these cameras to the limit in very harsh conditions!!  Honestly, this camera is everything they say it is and more and performs like a pro Nikon body in every way.   The resolution, dynamic range, iso capabilities and features in this relatively affordable camera are mindblowing!

Our Nikon team was rock solid, and our subjects and conditions were beyond EPIC!!!  It was grueling … we fit a week of shooting into about 3 hard-core days and nights, but it was also one of the most incredible, high energy and amazing shoots I have had the pleasure of co-creating!

Well that’s all I can say for now…..Stay Tuned…. You're going to want to see this!  More to come soon!!! 🙂




A few days ago I had the honour and the privilege of shooting with Nikon’s new latest and greatest – the Nikon D4 and Nikon D800.  I met with Nikon representatives in Calgary Tuesday night, where they privately and proudly unveiled both cameras for me to test out. Well... the D4 and D800 simply ROCK and below are my comments on my first opportunity to shoot with each of them!!!  Way to go Nikon for raising the bar with these amazing new releases and thank you for the personal attention and service you give to your pros, and for creating opportunities like this for us.


Shooting with the Nikon D4

I have been a Nikon shooter for over 30 years and these days I never leave home without my Nikon D3s and Nikon D3X in my camera bag.  That being said, Nikon has continued to pay great attention to ergonomics, and in my hands the Nikon D4 feels like the best pro Nikon yet.  I immediately noticed the deeper, easier to hold grip and new trigger button placement, portrait orientation thumb selector/joystick and new thumb grip, backlight buttons, and the same solid pro feel that I would expect from Nikon’s Flagship Pro Body.

The D3s is a true workhorse, I shot 80,000 images with it at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics alone.  But the Nikon D4 boasts many improvements over the D3s like 1080p 30fps video, a 10% larger screen, in-camera HDR, and video autofocus with contrast detection.  Nikon has also boosted the D4’s HI ISO to an incredible 204,800 ISO, with a higher 16.2 megapixel resolution, and faster shooting up to 11 fps with the exposure/focus locked, 10fps with autofocus. The camera also has a new 91,000-pixel sensor for metering and MultiCAM 3500FX autofocus that works amazingly in low light and with smaller apertures.  This really works well, even in a dark room I was able to very quickly focus on anything I had my focus selection pointed at!  The Advanced Scene Recognition System now has face detection, which sharply focuses on human faces even faster than I can choose a focus point.

With the new html interface you can remotely control the D4 with your iPhone, iPad or computer via the new WT-5 Compact Wireless Controller or built-in Ethernet connection.  This means that technically you could control your Nikon D4 from anywhere on the planet!  When shooting sports or multiple camera setups this is going to be a wicked tool.

Another feature I love is the new optical viewfinder with a visual grid line option. It’s a simple option but one that I find very useful for shooting landscapes and architecture.

Most of all I am really excited to be able to shoot 1080p 30fps video along with all of the other new audio and video controls built into the D4.  I have found that shooting video is very complimentary to stills and many of my clients have been asking for this.  The pro video features of the D4 with a good assortment of Nikon Lenses make this an remarkable tool for creating some exciting, cinematic looking video.

Nikon has clearly listened to its pros and has developed a camera that rivals all others in its class with the D4.  I can’t wait to get mine!!!


Shooting with the Nikon D800

I love my Nikon D3X.  There is nothing like shooting at 24.5 megapixels with huge detail and colour depth and printing your images BIG and seeing the magnificent nuances of your masterpiece on your living room wall…. Except maybe shooting at 36.3 megapixels with the even more detail offered on the new Nikon D800.

Wow am I excited about this camera!  It seems that so is everyone else, and I have never heard so much excitement and talk coming from camera stores about a single camera.  I am very happy for Nikon, as they seem to have hit a real home run on this one and have made a huge leap in megapixels and capabilities, yet have been able to maintain an affordable price offering of just over $3,000.

The D800 has truly leveled the photographic playing field for professionals and amateurs alike.  You get an incredible medium format level of detail with the new 36.3 megapixel sensor, 1080p 30fps video, and the pro features of the new 91,000 pixel sensor for metering and MultiCAM 3500FX autofocus, face-detection, 3D Colour Matrix Metering III for more accurate exposures, in-camera HDR, 14-bit colour, 4fps in FX (full frame) and 6fps in DX format with the MB-D12 multi-power battery.

As much as I was hoping for a D4X announcement, I was pleasantly surprised by the solid pro feel and weight of the D800, Nikon ergonomics and a plethora of pro features.  I will probably keep my D3X because I love it so much, but from what I have seen so far the D800 will easily replace it in my camera bag forevermore.

One of the most extraordinary new features of the D800 is that it has high ISO capabilities of ISO 100 to ISO 6400, expandable ISO range to ISO 50 to ISO 25600.  When I was shooting with the camera, it blew me away to see how impressive the images were at such high ISO/low light.  This is a huge advantage over the D3X.  Nikon has truly achieved a superb image quality and an unparalleled combination of ISO and image detail.  For this reason alone I have my D800E and MB-D12 vertical grip/multi-power battery pack on order!

"My Recommendation: Get your Nikon D4 and D800 on order if you haven’t already!"] The Nikon D4 is, in my opinion, the best fast action sports camera in the world today. If you are interested in capturing the energy of the moment or need High ISO capabilities to burn, cinematic quality video and a pro camera that will do it all, take a beating, handle anything you throw at it and not miss a frame, this is it!"

If you're looking for a do-it-all supercamera with medium format image resolution and detail, full portability, excellent ISO range, cinematic quality video, and pro features at an affordable price, the Nikon D800 will rock your photography to a whole new level.

If you’re a pro like me you’ve probably got both on order and can’t wait to start shooting with them!



Kristian Bogner wins Alberta Commercial Photographer of the Year for the second consecutive year at the Professional Photographers of Canada - Alberta Image Competition and Conference. This is the fourth time Kristian has won the award.

The awards were held at the Petroleum Club on February 4th, 2012. in Edmonton. Kristian was also a keynote speaker at the professional photography conference.

At the competition Kristian took home seven additional awards including best architectural image for “Peace Stupa by Starlight”, best editorial image for “Mountain Nomad”, and best press image and judges choice for “Racing the Giant”, along with 2 merits and an excellence for his photographic work.




They make a great gift and can be purchased and delivered within 24hrs electronically. Gift Certificates can be applied towards Photography, Fine Art Prints, Photography School/Lessons and more!




Christmas Sale: Save 15% off 

Until December 26th, 2011 you can save 15% off All Bogner Fine Art Photography. When ordering from the web store just enter the coupon code: merry2011 and you will receive the instant savings off of your order.




New Ladakh Collection

This new Collection of work is from Bogner's recent September 2011 trip to an amazing high altitude desert in Northern India. This birthplace of Buddhism is one of the most majestic and colourful places he has ever photographed.

See More Images of the Trip Here




Give the Gift of Adventure: Journey into the Unknown 

Join Kristian for this once in a lifetime photographic expedition to Ladakh, India. Receive over a week of world class photographic instruction from Bogner while photographing monasteries, palaces, monks, nomads, incredible mountain-scapes and so much more.




The BOGNER ONE Collection

The BOGNER ONE collection is of a selection of Kristian's favourite and best work. He has this entire collection of this work in his own home, each print is a first edition. Sizes range from 24"x36" to 44"x66" archival and canvas framed works of art.




Incredible Savings from the Kristian Bogner Photography Store


store.kristianbogner.com or call (403) 675-FOTO


This New Ladakh Collection is from my recent September 2011 trip to an amazing high altitude desert in northern India. Ladakh is the birthplace of Buddhism, and is one of the most majestic and colourful places I have ever photographed.

You can buy prints of these images at my Kristian Bogner Photography Store - Ladakh Collection.

Enjoy! –Kristian



Journey Into Ladakh with Kristian Bogner

Join world-class, multi-award winning photographer Kristian Bogner, for this once in a lifetime photographic expedition to Ladakh, India. Ladakh is in the northern most state of India, is home to Buddhism’s birthplace and makes up the highest desert in the world. As such, each day will open up a unique opportunity for you to photograph the ever-changing landscape and sights. Capture monasteries, palaces, monks, nomads, mountain-scapes and so much more.  Whether you’re just starting out, or are a serious photo-adventurer this trip holds great promise for all.

Photo Instruction by world-class Photographer Kristian Bogner

Kristian is committed not only to you having an extraordinary experience but to ensuring that you achieve success with the photographs you take.

Each morning Kristian will prepare you for the day of shooting, and will give you pro tips and tricks on how to succeed in the field.

He will be with you in the field the entire time to answer questions and guide you throughout the day and help you no matter what level you’re at.

Participants will critique, encourage and learn from one another during the evenings.

Small group sizes, full-time private instruction by Kristian Bogner, plus an expert guide attending to your comfort, safety and education on the area makes for an unprecedented level of service, quality and experience.

Group size

Limited to 10 people.


EARLY BIRD PRICING - $6995 Canadian Dollars (including all taxes)

The tour commences in Delhi. Flights (within India), transportation, meals, accommodation, and entrance fees are included in the price.

As an added bonus Kristian will help you choose, finalize and retouch your very best 1 of 1 limited edition [your name here] image and will give you a 24x36 high quality canvas print for your wall - a $500 value and a piece of art that will forever inspire yourself and others!

Additionally you and the entire team will get 2 - one hour conference calls with Kristian Bogner to discuss equipment options, prepare you for the adventure ahead and start teaching you valuable photography techniques that you can practice before the trip.

Kristian is committed to your photography success and providing all the tools you need to get amazing images.  So he is also including a full day admission to one of his Photographic Rockstar Tour events in 2012 (dates yet to be announced).


August 12 - August 22, 2012

Fitness Level

Moderate level of fitness required – not due to strenuous activity but due to high altitude. Any exercising and attention to wellness prior to the trip will benefit participants.


The itinerary is as follows:

August 12th –  Photograph the Taj Mahal

Fly into Delhi by 0300 h. Day trip to Agra (200 km/12 h) to see & behold this beautiful and stunning homage to love: The Taj Mahal. Stay in Delhi.

August 13th – Photograph the Shanti Stupa and the Alchi Monastery

Fly to Leh (3,444 m; 11,300 ft). Visit Shanti Stupa (the Peace Temple) overlooking Leh. Drive down the Lion River Indus – see the Sikh shrine of “Pather Sahib”, confluence of Zanskar & Indus and visit the Alchi Monastery. Stay Nurla (3260 m; 10,400 ft) (90 km/6 h) overlooking the humming Indus.

August 14th – Capture the unique moonscape of Ladakh & Lamayuru Monastery

Drive to Fotu La pass (4,108 m;13,478 ft) - the divide between Muslim Kargil & Buddhist Leh, absorb the breathtaking moonscape of Ladakh; see the 'Buddhist Vatican', Lamayuru Monastery, in its golden landscape environs (65 km/6 h). Stay Nurla.

August 15th – Photograph a small village in the mountains

Visit the beautiful villages of Achinathang (2,902 m; 9,522 ft) and Da in the lower Indus(83 km/7 h). Stay Nurla.

 August 16th – Hike to and photograph an untouched mountain village

Hike to an exotic isolated village in a gorge (up & down 8 km, 1600 ft ascent & descent; 6 h). Stay Nurla.

August 17th –  Shoot the royal palace of Ladakh

Visit Stok Palace & village (18 km) and Thikse Gonpa (23 km). Stay Leh.

August 18th – Cross the highest passable road in the world & capture Diskit Monestary

Drive to Nubra - the Valley of Gardens (3,144 m; 10,315 ft; 150 km/7 h) across the highest pass in the world: Khardungla (5600 m,18,380 ft) on the old Summer Silk route. Visit Khalsar village & Diskit Gonpa standing as a guardian angel of the valley. Go on to Hunder. Ride a Bactrian camel in the dunes on the banks of the Gold River: Shyok. Stay Hunder.

August 19th – Photograph Sumur Gonpa

Visit Sumur Gonpa. Return to Leh.

August 20th – Capture praying Monks at sunrise

Attend prayers in Thikse Gonpa. Drive to Darbuk in the East across Chang La Pass (5425 m, 17800 ft) and onto the remote Shyok village on the Shyok River bend. Absorb the isolation in the Eastern Karakorams on the old Winter Silk route to Sinkiang across the frozen Shyok. Go on to the beautiful Pangong Tso Lake  (64 x 3-6 km, 4267 m) shared between the Chinese & the Indians (185 km/ 7 h). Sight the Bharal (Himalayan Blue Sheep) on cliffs and play with the friendly marmots enroute. Stay Pangong Tso.

August 21st – Photograph the city of Leh

Return to Leh. See the Choglamsher Tibetan Handicrafts Centre enroute. Pick up souvenirs from Leh.

August 22nd – Wrap up

Fly to Delhi. Disperse midday.


What You'll Need:

1.Warm Sleeping Bag (0'C or below at least)
2. Wind/rain proof jacket
3. Hiking/trekking shoes; spare sandals
4. Woolen socks
5. Water Bottle
6. Flash Light (preferably head light) and spare batteries - important
7. Sun Shade/Hat with Brim/woolen hat/gloves
8. A UV multi-purpose scarf
9. Long trousers / long shirts / t-shirts etc.
10. Shorts
11. Swim suit
12. Sunglasses
13. Sunscreen/Sun block above SPF 50
14. Vaseline/Lip Salve
15. Insect Repellent
16. Personal Toiletries - towels/soap etc.
17. Rucksack/duffel bag to carry your baggage
18. Small day pack to carry camera, munchies, packed lunch, water bottle and wind/rain jacket on a walk.
19. Alcohol / cigarettes - not available on the trip. Alcohol should be in the checked in baggage.

Reservation and Cancellation Policy:

A deposit of $2,000 per person is required when registering more than 120 days before the trip, and the balance is due 120 days before the departure date of the trip. When registering within 120 days of the trip departure date, full payment is due at the time of registering. If full payment is not received by the due date, we have the right to cancel your reservation and retain deposit and trip fee per the payment schedule.

If you need to cancel your reservation, we must receive written notice, at which time the following fees apply:
- 120 days or more before departure: 100% of deposit
- 119 to 91 days before departure: 50% of trip fee
- 90 or fewer days before departure: 100% of trip fee

This photo tour and workshop is offered as a complete package. Once the trip commences, we do not provide partial refunds for any cancellation or unused portion or service for any reason.


www.canadaone.com | Competition in the photography business is fierce, yet where many struggle Kristian Bogner has excelled. He is living a life many dream of, travelling to exotic places, photographing famous people, capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments like Sydney Crosby's 2010 Olympic gold medal shot, all while being paid to do this exciting work. CanadaOne caught up with Kristian to uncover the keys to his success.

I had a great time speaking at the Henry's photo imaging show as Nikon's Ambassador again this year.  Thank you to all that came to the show.  My hope was to educate and inspire all the new and experienced photographers willing to expand outside of their box.

I am honoured to be a part of Nikon's team in support of this great event, which is the largest of its kind in Canada.

If you're in the GTA and didn't get a chance to come to the show, check out my events page for upcoming events here in Toronto happening in the next 2 weeks.






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