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Last night the Professional Photographers of Canada 2011 awards banquet took place at the Banff Springs Hotel. Kristian Bogner was among five who were nominated for the prestigious award of "Commercial Photographer of the Year". Bogner has been nominated an unprecedented amount of times, taking home the title twice, the most a person has ever been honoured with this award.


Bogner was awarded first place in the Illustration class for his stunning piece "Luxury Class" capturing the interior of a Sunwest Aviation Dassault Falcon private jet. In addition, Bogner's piece “An Ocean of Romance”has been named one of the top forty images in Canada and has been accepted into the Canadian National Archives.

Congratulations Kristian on this huge honour!



These Killer Water Sport Images were shot last month in Maui under extreme conditions.  More to come soon.



Kristian Bogner wins the 2011 Alberta Commercial Photographer of the Year Award making him a 3-Time Recipient of this prestigious award.

He also won Best Image of the Competition, Best Illustration, Best Scenic, and Judges Choice Award an award of Excellence and two awards of Merit with the images in this post.


People always tell me they wish they had studio lights but cannot afford them.  Well don't let that hold you back.  Yessss I love my Broncolors... But you can still get amazing results, sometimes you just have to think outside of the box.  These shots were taken with one small Nikon SB-900 Flash, which I used in a few of them to fill in the shadows with the dome on top pointing up, a small silver/silver-gold reflector (a staple in my Camera Bag), and Two Lights and Stands that I bought at The Home Depot for less than $50.

I was in Las Vegas and was given an opportunity to shoot for a dress designer.  It was unplanned and I was unequipped, but thanks to The Home Depot and a bit of creative thinking I pulled off a fabulous shoot.  You can get some great results using tungsten lights, and it is a great way to learn as well because you can see exactly what the light is doing.  I chose a silver back reflector light fixture that clamps on a stand and then I found some large bulb lights (similar to those in a bathroom around the mirror).  These were each very cheap and I could have clamped them to a chair.  It was the stands that brought my hardware store total up to $50.

Give it a try, grab some tungsten lights, set your camera to white balance tungsten and shoot some fashion.  Let me know how it works out.



An Incredible Moutain Scene over Three Sisters Mountain Village.  On this particular evening I grabbed my camera and went out for a hike in my Big Backyard of Canmore, Alberta.  On my way back  I noticed that the clouds were interesting and anticipated a beautiful sunset.  I waited for that sweet-light time where the suns rays were bending causing the colour temperature to change and giving that Amazing Alpenglow warmth.  I seized the opportunity and the moral of this story is when your inner voice whispers to you to bring your camera... always listen to it.



Remembering An Incredible Christmas in India Dec. 25, 2009.

These images were all shot in the 24hrs from Christmas Eve to Christmas Day, starting with a Beer Pong game with locals in the Mountains to rafting with World Class Kayakers in the Great Subansari River, beginning our two week adventure on the river that only about two handfuls of people have ever been down and likely ever will.



This fall I had the Honour of Best Man and MC at my Best Buddy Dave's Wedding.  He hired another photographer so I could enjoy the day and be there for him in a different way than I am used to at a wedding.  The photographer did a really good job, but I was still itching to capture at least one special image from the day and drooling over the amazing location in Banff and the warm setting light.  After the ceremony as people filtered to the reception, I was able to steal 5 mins and get a few amazing shots, for ME and for them.  I am sooo glad I did!!

The moral of this story is to Beg, Steal, Ask, Go Get or do Whatever it takes to get the shot your heart desires.  Even and Especially if there doesn't seem to be time.   Creating time is sometimes harder than creating the shot itself.  In my opinion the effort is ALWAYS worth it.


I have been a fan of all things that go fast for as long as I can remember and have had the opportunity to shoot and fly in many of these amazing Private Airplanes over the last few years. That's why I was very pleased when I got the job to shoot the large fleet of Luxury Aircrafts for Sunwest Aviation, Calgary. In May 2009 I received several awards at the Professional Photographers of Canada National Convention for the above image. Awards included, best Industrial Image in Canada, Judges Choice award as the top Commercial Image in Canada, an Award of Excellence and the image accepted into the National Archives as one of the top 40 images in Canada for 2009.

Kristian Bogner Wins Photographer of the Year for Canada an Unprecedented 2X in a Row.

For the second year in a row Kristian Bogner receives one of the highest honours in Canadian Photography, the Commercial Photographer of the Year for Canada Award, presented by the Professional Photographers of Canada Association. The second time winning this award was even more memorable because he was honoured to have his parents, both Master Photographers themselves, and good friend Sybil there to share the victory with him.



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All photography and content herin is Copyright © Kristian Bogner.  All Rights Reserved.  Images may not be copied or used without express written content by Kristian Bogner.
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