I had to shoot some quick food images for a marketing campaign for one of my clients.  I wanted to create the ultimate burger and asked my Fiancee Sarah if she was up for the challenge.  She actually cooked and styled this Monster and we split it when we were done the shoot.  For those wondering... YES.. is tasted just as good as it looks!!

I used a simple but effective lighting setup for both the burger and cocktail.  Basically I created a light tent with three Nikon SB-910 Flashes, two Pocket Wizards, two Firefly strip light soft boxes, one Large Soft Diffusion Panel and a few stands.  I also used a piece of black plexiglass which worked great to shoot the products on.

For the burger shoot we sprayed an olive oil / water mixture onto the burger to keep is juicy looking as we tweaked the lighting.

I wanted the shots to be deadly sharp so I used my Nikon D800E with Nikon 300mm 2.8 Lens and just used a monopod so I could quickly move around and raise and lower the angle of view.

Sarah wishes we had ice cream to shoot next. 🙂

Shooting sports, whether it’s the Olympics or your children’s soccer game, is a great way to practice capturing the peak of the moment.  With the groundbreaking high ISO capabilities of the new digital cameras out there, shooting sports has never been easier or more exciting.   The trick to getting great sports images is knowing how fast a shutter speed you need to stop the action.  I suggest starting at 1/2000 sec, reviewing your image and zooming in to check focus and any movement in the image and adjusting from there.   I had the pleasure of shooting this windsurfer launching out of the water at f/5.6 at 1/8000 sec, 800 ISO, all while keeping the horizon line in mind, focus tracking and recording a sequence of razor sharp images while my titanium shutter purred along 10fps on my D4.  Capturing fast action can be exhilarating!

High ISO capabilities can be a great tool for all types of photography.  It allows you to not only shoot faster but also control light in ways never before possible.  At 1000 ISO a flashlight or your camera flash becomes 10 times as powerful as it was at 100 ISO.  Therefore you can have a lot more fun with mixed lighting. When the Nikon D4 camera was first released, I had the pleasure of testing it first. With its incredibly high ISO capabilities, I was excited to see how the camera would handle in low light and sports settings.  After discovering I could get great results at a remarkable 12,800 ISO, I shot a series of star images with the Haleakala volcano in the foreground.  During my exposure a car in the parking lot turned on its parking lights and magically illuminated the volcanic rock bright red in this 10 second exposure.  Those parking lights at 12,800 ISO became a powerful light source – now image the possibilities and how that can affect our photographic perspective.

At this past winter Olympics I used high ISO, especially indoors to freeze the action.  I was even able to shoot at 8000ISO to capture stunning images with very little grain that look amazing at 24x36 inches and larger.  To stop the action of a sport like that of bobsled you have to push the limits.  High ISO capabilities of most new cameras allow you to do just that!  Play with your settings, test out High ISO Noise Reduction and the settings that work best for your camera and see what utilizing HIGHER ISO settings for your sports photography can do for you.

At our Photographic Rockstar Intensive we did a St. Patrick's Day Painting with light shoot and created this image with only the below equipment. The lighting was done with only three led flashlights costing less than $5.


Equipment Used:


Come see Capturing the Moment – with Pro Photographer Kristian Bogner at the Calgary Women's Show this weekend.

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Photography by Kristian Bogner | Written by Sarah Rideout

"Everything happens for a reason  – as luck would have it that reason ended up with us being able to attend and photograph some of India’s most lucrative fashion shows."

Delhi Couture Fashion Week is a five day celebration of fashion and intrigue, featuring some of the most well known names in the industry. Masked with brilliant colours, intricate embroidery and luminous fabrics – Delhi Couture Week is a radiant feast for the eyes. In which one could completely gorge on King Henry the Eighth style – with complete excessiveness and true extravagance.

For India couture represents a time when clothing was associated with fantasies, beauty, creativity and detailed artwork for the maharajas (a great king) and the moguls (an imperial power in subcontinent India) The clothing is meant to tell that story of seduction and power by using nature and human emotion as its inspiration.  This was apparent during the shows with the designers’ choice of colour and creativity used to develop the clothing.  The way the fabrics fell and swayed on the models as they glistened down the runway – you could see that no King would’ve been able to resist the temptation. It was very sensual with out trying to be sexy- just pure and beautiful.

This is how our fashion adventure began...  We landed early morning in the hot, very humid and chaotic city of New Delhi.  There was a chauffeur waiting for us at the airport to bring our bleary eyed, slightly delirious and maybe a tad hung-over (thank you British Airways) selves to the grandiose Taj Palace Hotel. Neither opulent or luxurious would even come close to describing the service and atmosphere provided by the lovely Taj Palace Hotel – but it would be a start. For instance; we totally got “leid” as soon as we walked in by two beautiful women with warm gracious smiles – oh yeaaah - the day was off to a great beginning! The wonderful staff go over and above to ensure their guests receive the highest level of customer service, one can truly define the word pampered after at stay at the Taj!

Once settled, we headed down to the lounge area for breakfast and to meet our friend, mentor and great ambassador of India - Chandan - and his lovely partner Liza. Chandan would also be guiding us through our next adventure in Ladakh (check back for our blogs on Ladakh soon!) They certainly helped shake off some of the jet leg with big hugs and smiles as they greeted us. Liza also brought with her two beautiful scarfs for us – which would prove to be very useful later that evening.

It was over breakfast that we were informed by a charming lady that some of the biggest shows of Delhi Couture Week were to take place that evening in our hotel. Kristian and I only had to quickly exchange looks to know exactly where we would be heading that evening!

After our breakfast and saying “see you soon” to Chandan and Liza – it was time for a dip in the pool and maybe to sneak a little nap. The pool was shockingly refreshing despite the heavy heat and a quick beauty rest provided us with the stamina for the upcoming evening. We pulled on the best we could find to wear based on packing for a hiking trip; flip flops, casual pants and the “nicest” tops we brought- my saving grace was the scarf (thank you Liza!) It was the only thing that kinda made me look like a fashion conscious person! With a Nikon D800E and Nikon D4 cameras around our necks we headed down to where the action was.

We went down to the main floor of the hotel and noticed an escalator down to a level below – it was there that we found what we were looking for! The escalator ride down brought us into the frenzy of the who’s who of India from the affluent to the Bollywood stars – they were all there and so were we!

We figured out where the first show was being held and spoke to the security team. We informed them of our purpose to shoot the show and bring it to the Canadian audience. They most graciously welcomed us into the media section of the first show by Shantanu & Nikhil, www.shantanunikhil.com, who delighted us with a captivating show.

We were completely stunned with the fashions and atmosphere–  it was appealing to all senses and left us wanting more. After the show we ran into our charming lady friend from earlier that day. She invited us up to join her and friends and once again provided us with another useful bit of information – that the next show was the top designer in India and that we had to attend.

After some time mingling with our new acquaintances, it was time to grab a quick dinner before the big show. We went to one of the many hotel restaurants and were provided with a beautiful meal including a local specialty drink. Which at first glance kind of looked like dirty water but ended up tasting very unfamiliar but super delicious. After which we headed back down the escalator to check out the next show.

It was clear that this show was “The Show” based on the line of people trying to get in and chaos happening all around. Kristian was able to effortlessly slide in past security based on his credentials and his big lens but I on the other-hand was made to wait outside, “No room” being the explanation. Just as I heard the runway music start and began losing hope of entering “The Show”, Kris and our charming friend re-surfaced and managed to convince the security to let me in. The room was packed!!! It was Bollywood, tons of media and fashion devotees – meshed together in one room and completely bypassing any fire codes that could possibly be in place. The media section was jammed but a quick jump over a gate (thanks to one of the security guards that boosted us over) we found our spot in the pack and became completely immersed in the enchanting madness all around. The designer was Manish Malhotra, www.manishmalhotra.in, the top designer in the Indian fashion scene and it was obvious why that was the case once we saw a few models go by. The fashion was spectacular, a complete piece of art that cleverly hugged the models in all the right places. You literally couldn’t take your eyes off the runway – else you would’ve missed a masterpiece in human form. The show was topped off with an appearance by one of the top Bollywood starlets, Katrina Kaif.

All and all – the evening was completely mesmerizing – not only by the designers but also by all the lovely people we met who helped create such an enthralling experience. Kristian captured some truly incredible shots of the beautiful fashion, which will certainly help keep this moment alive in our minds for some time to come.  I think its safe to say we would happily return to Delhi Couture Week 2013 if the opportunity presented itself.



Watch as we take the new Nikon D800s to the Extreme on Day 2 of the Nikon D800 - One Camera. Two Perspectives movie.

Watch as we take the new Nikon D800s to the Extreme on Day 1 of the Nikon D800 - One Camera. Two Perspectives movie

"Nikon D800 - One Camera: Two Perspectives" is a video shot entirely with the Nikon D800 HD-SLR by world-class professional photographer, Kristian Bogner, and award-winning cinematographer, Kirk Neff. While in Canmore, Alberta, Kristian and Kirk worked with Canadian athletes to capture breathtaking stills and videos with the D800. The result of their creative genius -- combined with the spectacular quality the D800 provides -- is this one-of-a-kind video. We hope you enjoy it.  View More Images Here



Kristian Bogner and Kirk Neff stopped by Global TV's The Morning Show on Wednesday May 16, 2012 to discuss their work with the Nikon D800 and their video, "One Camera: Two Perspectives.

On Wednesday, May 16, Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival and Nikon are proud to present Nikon Day, featuring world-class authorities in photographic arts!

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind event! Please RSVP to info@scotiabankcontactphoto.com

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Come out and see this great free event sponsored by Nikon Canada.

Date & Time: 
Wednesday, May 16,
6-9 p.m.

Ryerson University
Library Building (LIB 72)
350 Victoria Street
Toronto M5B 2K3

Kristian and Kirk with all be on the Global TV Toronto Morning Show tomorrow May 16th at 7:20am talking about the event.  Check it out!!

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