Kristian Bogner continues an
80 Year Legacy of Capturing the Light.

3 Generations of Master Photographers.

Nikolai Bogner

Was a war correspondent photographer for Germany and started Bogner Photography in 1938.  He was good friends with Ernest Leitz and was one of Leica Camera's top Ambassadors. He came to Canada in 1952, eventually opening 3 different photography studios at once.


Was born into the world of photography.  Shooting at weddings since age 8, first aerial and commercial shoots at 10 and started Kristian Bogner Photography at age 16.  Was Nikon Canada's first ever Nikon Ambassador and is one of the most highly awarded Canadian photographers.

Kristian Bogner is a master photographer, director, filmmaker, speaker and ambassador for Nikon Canada, Broncolor, Lowepro and Manfrotto. Awarded 2018 International Photographer of the Year and 3-time International Commercial Photographer of the Year with the Master Photographers International Association, 2020 World Photographic Cup Bronze Medal, 4-time Commercial Photographer of the Year for Canada and the prestigious Yousuf Karsh lifetime achievement award with the Professional Photographers of Canada Association, among many other awards for his work.

Bogner has a proud 80 year heritage in photography, starting with his grandfather,
a master photographer in Germany, and one of Leica’s top ambassadors, followed
by his father and mother who are also master photographers. 

Kristian literally grew up into the world of photography and has a proud heritage. This year marks the 80th Anniversary of Bogner Photography which started with his master photographer grandfather in Germany, who was one of Leica’s top ambassadors. Kristian’s father, Matthias, learned photography from Nikolai and took over the family business capturing commercial, industrial and portraits and got his Canadian Master of Photographic Arts.  Eventually his mother, Audrey, also both became one of the first women Canadian Master Photographers, specializing in weddings and portraits.  

By 8 years old Kristian was assisting with photography at weddings, at 10 he did his first commercial and aerial shoots and by 16 he bought a Nikon F100 with lenses and started his own successful photography business. As Kristian continued his career, he was eager to leave film and the traditional darkroom behind and shot slide film and scanned his images with the Nikon LS-2000 slide scanner.  He was first on the list for a Nikon D1X as his first digital camera and never looked back, pushing the limits of digital and using Nikon cameras exclusively throughout his career.

Kristian’s passion for visual storytelling takes him from shooting the Olympics and extreme sports, to fashion, editorial, architecture, aircrafts, nature, commercial, industrial and film projects and
expeditions on every continent.

Recent expeditions include climbing Mt. Vinson in Antarctica with 85lbs of gear in up to -65 degree conditions, to several amazing Arctic adventures, to filming and photographing in Rwanda for a life-enhancing water project. 

Kristian started in photography at such a young age, and it has been his lifelong passion. As a result of his vast experience, he is known as a technical master, with the ability to capture with excellence in any photographic situation and is continually pushing the envelope of his own art and the gear he uses to create it.

Kristian has worked as an art director on several Billion dollar projects across North America and has a deep experience working with some of the top agencies in the world.  

He has expanded his photographic capabilities over the years to director and filmmaker as well and has the latest in gimbals, sound, drones and lighting to handle any production.  You can see some of these capabilities on his Rwanda project and other motion projects on this website.

Contact Kristian directly to discuss your project and see how he can help take your marketing to the next level.

"A photographer is all I have ever wanted to be!  
There are few people that they can say that 
they got to live their passion for their entire life.
My passion found me, and I am filled with
gratitude to be one of those people."


"Get It Right In-Camera.  Excellence-In ... Excellence-Out."

I believe in a concept I call "Photographic Cross-Training."  I switch from shooting fashion one day to landscapes the next, to sports the next.  I don't limit my style and capabilities by specializing on one thing, but I cross-train in photography and believe that makes me a better all-round photographer and pushes me to higher excellence.  I learned this concept shooting so many olympic athletes.  They don't just train for their specific sport on game day.  They cross-train... they work on all aspects of their mental and physical fitness. 

"Ultimate Positivity + Courage.  If you apply these to any shoot, the result will be something amazing."

"The Bigger the WHY ... The Smaller the HOW."


I am so grateful to my wonderful sponsors and partners.  I feel like I get to use the best gear on the planet.  I want people to know that way before I was sponsored I used these brands, I grew up with them and am a second generation Nikon, Broncolor, Lowepro and Manfrotto user.  I never set out to be sponsored by them either, it happened organically as a result of hard work, winning awards and getting noticed for my photography with all of them.

When I opened my own business at age 16 I took out a $10,000 loan and bought a Nikon F100, 70-200mm, 17-35mm and 24-70mm, a Lowepro pack to put it in and a Manfrotto Tripod.  After taking business at University and running my studio a few blocks away, I moved out west and purchased my first Broncolor light set and Manfrotto stands.   I have used these brands for my entire professional life and they have never let me down.  I am truly honoured to be an ambassador for all of them.

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