"My best commercial work comes when I embrace both my inner-child for creativity and the geeky inventor within me. When I connect to those aspects of myself, my art training and technical experience kicks in for the rest." 
– Kristian Bogner


Aircrafts are where I put all the power of my studio lights to work.  I usually have 6 Broncolor heads at 1600J each all firing for jet interiors .... and I just love aircrafts so I have incredible passion for anything aviation.


Awareness and safety in industrial sites is paramount.  Having the right equipment, harnesses, training and business insurance to cover any job from aerial to climbing a tower and using a CO2 monitor in the Oil Sands.


I thrive in the technical challenges of shooting real estate.  From painting with light to using my Broncolor lights to master the home or building, to aerial and drone photography.  I love to tell a story with the images and take time at the beginning of a shoot to get a feeling for the space and let that guide how I shoot it.

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