"Capturing the ENERGY IN MOTION at the peak of the moment is excellence in sports photography to me."
– Kristian Bogner


One of my absolute favourite things to capture is extreme or actions sports.  It is where I get to put my mindfulness training to practice and photograph and film some of the most amazing athletes in the world push their physical and mental boundaries.

The Art of Sport

When I'm out shooting, I want to nail it and capture the moment, but also shoot as high resolution as possible... to create ART.  Sure I can get the shot with my Nikon D5 at 12fps, and I love my D5.  But can I get it at 46 megapixels with my Nikon Z 7?  Absolutely... and there is the art.  The surfer and skier below were both shot Z 7 and I am so proud of that excellence.  The surfer was shot with the new 500PF also and just won best press image in Canada with PPOC.


I have been able to shoot the Olympics twice.  Capturing some fo the best images in the world of Catriona Lemay Doan winning the gold for Canada in Salk Lake and images of Crosby scoring the winning goal at the Gold Medal Hockey game from the front row in Vancouver.  Both Olympics have been transformational for me both personally and photographically.  There is something very special about the energy at the Olympics, I have been honoured to capture many of our Canadian athletes in all their glory and I hope I am blessed to cover another one in my lifetime.

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