"When you look up and photograph the stars the universe gets to experience itself through your eyes looking through the lens of your Nikon." 
– Kristian Bogner


There is something magical about ice for me.  I love the colour contrast of the blue tones in the warmth of the sun. I have been fortunate to capture ice in both the Arctic and Antarctica and I will brave even -65, with shutter freezing temps to capture its magnificence.  These spectacular forms are melting and remind me of the impermanence of life, and amplify my will to record their beauty with excellence.


Majestic. Powerful. Graceful. Raw.
When I photograph wildlife in all its magnificence, perfect focus, composition, lighting... that moment is nothing less than exhilarating!


The Canadian Rockies are my home – they inspire, energize and teach me that when I connect with Nature, I connect to my own heart and spirit.  

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