I feel very honoured to have just been awarded the Master Photographers International Commercial Photographer of the Year along with many other awards of distinction.

Competition is a great way to have your work evaluated and judged by your professional peers. It always gives you a reference point to see how you are doing and what you need to work on. It feels good to have your images judge well because it usually tells you that your on the right track and that the excellence you put in to your work is being recognized by others.

The MPIO (Master Photographers International) is a great organization and community with world-class photographers and artists. Find out more at mpio.co

The Olympics have always been a very special time for me and I have captured some incredible Winter Olympic moments over the years.  With the Olympics happening right now in Sochi I thought that I would honour the Spirit of the Olympics and Our Canadian Athletes by sharing an Olympic Moment, Photo, Story, Tip or Video from my past Olympic experiences for each day of the Sochi Winter Olympics (Feb. 7, 2014 - Feb. 23, 2014).


I am calling this series of posts "The Spirit of the Olympics: A Journey Through The Lens" and I hope to add to the inspirational spirit of the Olympics by sharing with you some of my most amazing Olympic moments through the perspective of my Nikon lens.  Photography captures the energy of the moment and I hope that you can feel some of the energy from the images I will share with you over the next few weeks.

Vancouver 2010 Closing Ceremonies

I thought I would begin this journey with some of the images I captured at the Vancouver 2010 Closing Ceremonies which tell the story of the passing of the torch from Vancouver to Sochi.


I would love to hear your comments  or if you have any of your own Olympic moments to share on Twitter or Facebook.  Enjoy!!

Had a wonderful day shooting Audi FIS Ski Cross World Cup and the Monster Energy Snowmobile Freestyle at the Nakiska Snowdown in Kananaskis today.  We had some blue skies, good snow and fantastic athletes to photograph!  I found ski cross required mored depth of field to capture several racers in sharpness and shot most of my images at around 800 ISO f/8 at 1/3200 of a second to freeze the action with my Nikon D4 and D800e cameras.   The BIG AIR Snowmobile event was so visually exciting with the epic stunts and mountain backdrop.  I shot this primarily on my D800E so that I could record all 36 megapixels of crushing detail to illustrate this sport.  I was crazy impressed by the mental toughness and fearlessness of the athletes to preform such gravity-defying feats!

Check out a few of the images below.  More to come soon!!!

Multi-award winning photographer Kristian Bogner wins top Canadian Photographic Award - “Commercial Photographer of the Year for Canada” for the 3rd time. The awards took place at the Professional Photographers of Canada Association’s image competition and conference in Halifax.  Kristian was presented the award by PPOC Chair, Ken Frazer, Nikon Canada's Amanda Mohammed and PPOC Image Salon Chair, Brian Lee.

Kristian also won two awards of Merit and one of his images was selected for the PPOC loan collection to travel across Canada. Earlier this year Kristian also received the Alberta Commercial Photographer of the Year Award for the 4th time.

It was an incredible honour to receive this award for the 3rd time.  I believe it is a reflection of the incredible passion I have for my work and creating images that inspire others.  People sometimes tell me I'm half photographer and half human.  😉 Well, Photography really is a huge part of me and to be recognized for that feels wonderful.   When I went up to receive the award I said a few words and spoke of allowing my photography to flow from the child within me that has no creative boundaries.  I received a standing ovation from my photographic peers and friends in attendance.  It really was a magical night that I will never forget.


This year's award was extra special for me because it was sponsored and presented by Nikon Canada and it felt like a real team win for me.  I am a Nikon shooter, tester and ambassador and the timing of this award couldn't be more perfect.  Nikon has just released two amazing new cameras .. the D800 and D4.  I have been fortunate enough to shoot with both and the capabilities are simply groundbreaking.  I have been working with Nikon on some exciting projects and am thrilled to share the award with them.   I am also speaking for Nikon at the Contact festival in Toronto on May 16th. The Contact festival is one of the largest photography festivals in the world.


A Huge thank you to all of my friends, family and peers... your support and encouragement has been so incredible!!!  You all inspire me take it to the limit whenever I have a camera in my hands!



Mountain Nomad

I am very fortunate to have a great friend and mentor which is an Indian Major General.  He has an incredible eye for photography himself and had taken me on several  life changing expeditions. This image was captured last fall along the silk route near Pangong Tso, Ladakh, way up over 16,000ft where these nomads live.  I watched this old woman milking the goats and go into her tent. I had my girlfriend (aka 'light holder of the year') hold my SB-900 Nikon flash with a small soft box near her and see if she could get the woman's attention while I shot this image from afar with a 70-200mm lens triggering the flash with a Pocket Wizard to capture the true unposed essence of this incredible study.  Notice prayer beads in her weathered hands amongst all of the other textures in the frame.


Coca-Cola Proud

We had just had the amazing experience to privately watch and shoot the sun rise on the Taj Mahal.  Afterwards we stopped outside of the gates for a cup of Chai Tea.  I looked over and saw this boy who was manning the store for what seemed to be his family.  He was also watching me with all of my Nikon gear and stood as a proud young entrepreneur in front of "his" store.  I was moved by the colours and illustrative nature of this frame and took several images to get the best expression I could.  Finally he stared right at me and I got this amazing image.  Persistence usually pays off and here is an instance where it did!

Peace Stupa by Starlight

I find there is always a reward to following your heart no matter what the opposition.  It was my last night in Leh, Ladakh and it happened to be a full moon.  We all had an early morning but I envisioned this shot and wanted to go up to the Peace Stupa and shoot it.  I was strongly discouraged because of safety, but I went anyway.  I had the most incredible experience up there by myself, took some time to absorb the beauty and spirituality of the place and then set forth to capture it's energy to share with others.  I decided to use my new super sharp and fast Nikon 24mm 1.4 lens and pulled out my very bright headlamp torch to do some painting with light.  I exposed for the starlight for 30 seconds and the full moon light nicely filled in and softened the artificial light sources abound while I ran around in the 30 seconds and illuminated with my headlamp.


Racing the Giant

We were in Maui on a very windy day and were told by some surfers that it was possible that the legendary JAWS may be big enough to surf and some world class surfers were on the alert.  Finding Jaws was a feat in itself and took some off road driving and a steep walk down a slippery slope but it was an incredible sight.  While it wasn't quite big enough to surf, because it needs to be big enough to carry the surfers over the reef, I was able to capture some incredible images of over 40 foot waves.  Down the shore from the site of Jaws I captured this extreme surfer racing this gigantic wave.  A great sports image captures the peak of the action and and I was able to capture just that before the wave overtook this surfer.




This New Ladakh Collection is from my recent September 2011 trip to an amazing high altitude desert in northern India. Ladakh is the birthplace of Buddhism, and is one of the most majestic and colourful places I have ever photographed.

You can buy prints of these images at my Kristian Bogner Photography Store - Ladakh Collection.

Enjoy! –Kristian


Best Illustration

Top 40 Images in Canada








Last night the Professional Photographers of Canada 2011 awards banquet took place at the Banff Springs Hotel. Kristian Bogner was among five who were nominated for the prestigious award of "Commercial Photographer of the Year". Bogner has been nominated an unprecedented amount of times, taking home the title twice, the most a person has ever been honoured with this award.


Bogner was awarded first place in the Illustration class for his stunning piece "Luxury Class" capturing the interior of a Sunwest Aviation Dassault Falcon private jet. In addition, Bogner's piece “An Ocean of Romance”has been named one of the top forty images in Canada and has been accepted into the Canadian National Archives.

Congratulations Kristian on this huge honour!



I have been a fan of all things that go fast for as long as I can remember and have had the opportunity to shoot and fly in many of these amazing Private Airplanes over the last few years. That's why I was very pleased when I got the job to shoot the large fleet of Luxury Aircrafts for Sunwest Aviation, Calgary. In May 2009 I received several awards at the Professional Photographers of Canada National Convention for the above image. Awards included, best Industrial Image in Canada, Judges Choice award as the top Commercial Image in Canada, an Award of Excellence and the image accepted into the National Archives as one of the top 40 images in Canada for 2009.

Kristian Bogner Wins Photographer of the Year for Canada an Unprecedented 2X in a Row.

For the second year in a row Kristian Bogner receives one of the highest honours in Canadian Photography, the Commercial Photographer of the Year for Canada Award, presented by the Professional Photographers of Canada Association. The second time winning this award was even more memorable because he was honoured to have his parents, both Master Photographers themselves, and good friend Sybil there to share the victory with him.



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