BIG AIR – Olympic Halfpipe

  • Olympic Halfpipe
  • Shaun White - Olympic Gold Medalist
  • Olympic Halfpipe
  • Shaun White - Olympic Halfpipe
  • Shaun White - Halfpipe
  • Olympic Halfpipe

Sometimes you need big lenses to get close enough to the action.  Shooting Olympic Halfpipe was one of those times for me… I was way up in the stands and used my AF-S Nikkor 200-400mm lens and sometimes an added teleconverter to capture these images.  It was fairly dark, even under the lights, so I had to shoot at  f/4.0 at 1/1600sec – ISO 4000 to freeze the action with my Nikon D3s.  I was really impressed how little grain I had at 4000 ISO.

Halfpipe is an exciting sport to shoot and I loved to use the lines on the pipe to create some illustrative looking imagery.  After Shaun White won the Gold Medal with his amazing runs I had to really hustle to get a decent vantage point to shoot him from while dealing with fans either trying to get close as well or leave the stadium.  There was a cool moment where he was talking to press and I couldn’t get down there to him and I shouted out his name and he looked up and gave me a great reaction/celebration shot.  There is nothing like getting the athlete to look into the camera and recording that connection!!!  If you don’t ask, you don’t get…what a great moment!

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