Nepal Tribute

It was only a year ago that I had an amazing trip to Nepal. I saw extraordinary historic sites, breathtaking landscapes and met incredibly kind and wonderful people. Its heartbreaking to hear of the destruction and grief that has settled upon Nepal after two major earthquakes on April 25th and May 12th. Sadly thousands of lives have been lost with thousands more injured and Unesco World Heritages sites badly damaged. There is a great need for relief and humanitarian assistance in Nepal.

Perhaps you have donated to a charity of your choice already or have one picked out to donate to, if not and you would like to learn more about how you can contribute to the disaster relief;

please see the Canadian Red Cross website for more information. You can donate directly through their website or learn more about their relief efforts by following the link.


There are many great charities out there who are aiding Nepal through this arduous time, please send positive thoughts and if you like monetary donations to a country very much in need of support.

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