Shooting the D800 to the limits with Nikon Canada

Shooting the D800 to the limits with Nikon Canada

I finished shooting for Nikon Canada last week, somewhere remote in the Rocky Mountains, with Nikon’s Amanda, Mark, Chris, and Greg, along with Kirk Neff, award winning cinematographer from Global TV.

Kirk and I were both shooting with the new and absolutely incredible 36 megapixel, 1080p 30fps, Nikon D800 cameras.   We were both super stoked and fed off each other’s creative energy while pushing these cameras to the limit in very harsh conditions!!  Honestly, this camera is everything they say it is and more and performs like a pro Nikon body in every way.   The resolution, dynamic range, iso capabilities and features in this relatively affordable camera are mindblowing!

Our Nikon team was rock solid, and our subjects and conditions were beyond EPIC!!!  It was grueling … we fit a week of shooting into about 3 hard-core days and nights, but it was also one of the most incredible, high energy and amazing shoots I have had the pleasure of co-creating!

Well that’s all I can say for now…..Stay Tuned…. You’re going to want to see this!  More to come soon!!! 🙂




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