The Ultimate Burger

I had to shoot some quick food images for a marketing campaign for one of my clients.  I wanted to create the ultimate burger and asked my Fiancee Sarah if she was up for the challenge.  She actually cooked and styled this Monster and we split it when we were done the shoot.  For those wondering… YES.. is tasted just as good as it looks!!

I used a simple but effective lighting setup for both the burger and cocktail.  Basically I created a light tent with three Nikon SB-910 Flashes, two Pocket Wizards, two Firefly strip light soft boxes, one Large Soft Diffusion Panel and a few stands.  I also used a piece of black plexiglass which worked great to shoot the products on.

For the burger shoot we sprayed an olive oil / water mixture onto the burger to keep is juicy looking as we tweaked the lighting.

I wanted the shots to be deadly sharp so I used my Nikon D800E with Nikon 300mm 2.8 Lens and just used a monopod so I could quickly move around and raise and lower the angle of view.

Sarah wishes we had ice cream to shoot next. 🙂

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